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This promo is amazing, and I'm very sure Emily's acting is going to be mindblowing! And a petition started for an Emmy for Emily for her performance in this episode(Only judging from the promo for now)

Emily Deschanel has been nominated for the Favorite TV Crime Actor, and Bones has been nominated for the Favorite TV Crime Show.…

Vote here!!! :)
The post I posted six days ago informed you that Emily was in the running for Lead Actress in a Drama for the EWwy awards, and thanks to your support she won at 56.18%.

Other statistics were:
Khandi Alexander of "Treme" at 3.07%
Anna Gunn of "Breaking Bad" at 4.86%
Regina King of "Southland" at 8.3%
and Katey Sagal of "Sons of Anarchy" at 27.6%

Ha...and so the fight I have with my dad comes to a close...
Bones is better than Sons of Anarchy!
Suck it Factor...ACHIEVED!
Emily Deschanel will be one of the awarders of the Emmys this year, along with other people I don't care about...other than Lauren Graham!!! <3 I miss those Gilmore Girls!,,20300…
Vote Emily for the lead actress in a tv drama at the link above!

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